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Nurse Helena Diaper Segufix |WORK|

Three days later, Laura lay in a high security cell wearing nothing but her stockings. She was being kept isolated from the press and the public. She was fed a warm meal that was helping her towards recovery and then the nurse showed her a picture on the screen. It was the very same smiling nurse on the bed. As Laura nodded at the picture, it was very much as if her prison nurse was showing her a so-called picture of her lover at a picnic. The nurse then invited her to listen to the radio and when Laura was listening intently, the nurse told her to turn up the volume.

Nurse helena diaper segufix

She had to choose her favourite song. There were a number of worthy songs in the lot, but she chose a song that sent shivers all over her body. The song had no title and when she turned the volume up, she could clearly hear the shower music. The song was so far-sounding and even more romantic than the picture. When it was over, the nurse told her to sit in her wheelchair with headphones around her head. Then she pointed towards a set of wheels.

When it was done, she pulled out from her headphones and it was her own personal shower sound. Laura felt somewhat awkward being spoken to by a female nurse in her standard underwear, so she shuffled out from her wheelchair. Then, she was dressed in a beautiful evening gown.

If I do anything wrong, they said, they will kill me. The first girl to arrive was a redhead, scoldingly introduced as Louise. We approached her, with nurses at the sides and a guard at each corner. Louise doesnt look too scared. The guards by no means looked menacing, though. A tall thin one came to us.


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